Dark life by Sanju lama (Ktm,bagmati,nepal)

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What a dark life! Since childhood i was very shy and i didnt have good relationship with others therefore during that period i was so hopelessness and my parents esp. Mom was working out of my reach and father was with me. At that time i rarely talk to my dad just for my basic needs only and as time passed on i felt so lonely i couldnt able to play with friends day by day i became lazy n my grade was getting low till i finished my high school. Due to my lack of communication skills i couldnt socialize with my friends, neighbor and gradually my dad also didnt care me due to my behavior now im 25 yrs right now im suffering from depression socially,economically,confidentially whatever u call. I dnt know my behavior till now that i was abused or i have some mental disorder. I try to do exercise but i could not do greeting exercise to others when i see new people i talk so confidentally but as time goes on our talking topic is no more but when i see other people they make good friendship as time passed on and i feel like im just childish i couldnt able to talk with anyone right now i m just spending my life just sleeping watching tv surfing n if i feel little good then do cooking rarely my memory becomes very poor i couldnt remember two days ago stuffs i visited to psychiatrist n prescrisbed some medicine but it doesnt work properly what am i going to do nowonwards nobody understands me everyone hates me and i have always angry mood what to do omg plz help me out this suffering loneliness

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Dark life

Lonely Young Man
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Thank you for contributing. I cannot give you any medical or professional advice like your psychiatrist can. If you wish, you can also seek professional psychiatric help online.

Please check with your psychiatrist before you follow any suggestions I make. Print out this web page https://www.lonely-people-champion.com/chat-roulette.html and show the printed page to your psychiatrist. Ask your psychiatrist if it would be helpful for you to follow the suggestions on that page and what would be the best way for you to do so.

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