Would you like to create your own website to overcome your loneliness?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Create your own website to deal with loneliness? Kind of a new idea, isn't it? Yet it works.

Learn how to get your wonderful journey started by clicking here: SiteSell. Right from the very first words you read on that webpage you will sense a "gentle egging on" to buy a sitesell subscription. Acknowledge that "gentle egging on" and ignore it for now. After all, your purpose is to make it work for you, that is, create a "lonely" website to serve the purposes of a lonely person.

Here is how you do that:

There is an enormous amount of reading material you can get to, by clicking on the links that are provided on that web page.


First read through the whole webpage without clicking on a single link. Then go back up to the top of that webpage and click on each link, including the pictures of the people shown at the top, and let the links take you to some very interesting reading matter. It will educate you about how to create your own website and keep you entertained for a month or more. While you you are reading all that stuff, you will feel less lonely because the material you will be reading is inspiring stuff. It will also answer your question, "is SiteSell any good?"

When you are ready...

...go back to the link at the top right corner of the page: Become a SiteSell Affiliate and click on it. That will take you to the Become a SiteSell Affiliate page. Even though the 'Become a SiteSell Affiliate' page talks about you earning $75 on the sale of each yearly subscription of SiteSell, it won't cost you a penny to become a Five Pillar SiteSell affiliate.

You will have to provide your correct name, address and email address. Please be certain to provide your most reliable email address. Any incorrect information you provide to sign up as an affiliate will cause you lots of trouble later. Once you become an affiliate you can ask all kinds of questions in the forum about how to create your own website.

OK, now here is the important and useful information:

Once you have been accepted as a Five Pillar Affilliate of SiteSell, you will be able to participate in the 5 Pillar Affiliate Forum. This is where you will get the maximum benefit of doing what I am suggesting - you will be part of a huge group of more that twenty thousand people who are genuine toward each other.

The forum even has a Lounge, where you can chat about things other than how to create your own website.

Now, by joining...

...the Five Pillar Affiliates to deal with your loneliness, are you being disingenuous toward more that twenty thousand people who are genuine? Not if you read as much as possible and really apply yourself to selling SiteSell memberships. But your purpose is to reduce your loneliness, right? Well, this is one way of eventually reaching your goal.

It is a worthwhile effort because people who don't know how to create a website and have their pages feature in the first few search results on google can learn to do so by joining SiteSell. You found this webpage within the first few search results, didn't you? Well, SiteSell has improved my life by showing me how to create webpages that show up in the first few search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So you can become a Five Pillar Affiliate, learn how to create your own website and perhaps acquire some friends.

There are several advantages...

...to your joining the Five Pillar Affiliates for free. The first advantage is that by applying yourself to selling SiteSell memberships, you will find company in the Five Pillar affiliate forums and maybe start earning $75 commissions. That would be getting paid to get yourself some companionship.

The second advantage is that you can take a year or more to decide whether you want a SiteSell website yourself or not. If you decide you want a SitSell website yourself, it can take some people a long time to decide on the main theme of the website. Deciding on the main theme of the website can be a difficult thing to do. It took me three months to decide about the theme of this website.

It takes some people years to decide. It is best to make that decision before buying a SiteSell website, because once you buy, the meter starts to run from your purchase date for three hundred sixty five days. You can start your journey by working on selling SiteSell websites on a free wordpress weblog while you are deciding on whether you want to create your own website and whether you want to do it at SiteSell.

The third advantage of becoming a Five Pillar Affiliate for SiteSell is that while you are an affiliate, if you set up a free website and make a good effort to sell SiteSell, you may earn $75 four times within a year and thus earn the three hundred dollars to buy yourself a SiteSell website.

If you don't make any sales, you will have learned how to create your own website, you will have had a good time trying and maybe made some friends!

Let us move on to the additional advantages...

...to you, the lonely person, if you create your own free website. Whichever easy website creation technique you use to create for promoting SiteSell, your website will get visitors from all over the world.

When I signed up for SiteSell three years ago, I also signed up for a free account from StatCounter.com which provided me with a free and invisible visitor counter. I put that free, invisible counter on my webpage - StatCounter.com showed me how to do that.

Every morning I would log in to my StatCounter account just to see which country had provided my website with a visitor. At the end of the month I would count the long list of countries where my website had been viewed. Those kind of events can provide some good feelings for a lonely person. In the beginning, expect only about five to seven visitors per day.

Go to the Five Pillar Affiliate forum...

...to find out how to get more visitors. In that forum, not only can you find out how to create your own website but you can look for help about how to get more visitors to your website.

The website on which you promote SiteSell can be a journal about how you feel as a lonely person. Any visitor to your website can contact you by writing to webmaster@yourwebsite.com.

You can also create a ContactMe page on your website. Wordpress allows for easy website creation and I would suggest you make your first website simple and just be sure to learn how to create your ContactMe page. Once you have earned enough affiliate commissions, you can, if you desire, create your personal journal website using SiteSell.

So, simply by signing up as an affiliate for...

...SiteSell sites, you will be entering a world populated by more that twenty thousand geniune website owners. They may not become your friends for the sole purpose of providing you companionship, but by participating in a common interest, the chances are quite high that you will not be bored and that you may acquire some friends.

If you are at the point that you have decided to buy yourself a sitsell membership and create your own website then Click Here To Buy SiteSell

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