Want To Deal With The Loneliness Caused By Circumstances?

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Circumstances - jobs that require you to move. The employers don’t seem to have much concern about what these moves do to the employees and their families. Moves because of jobs in the corporate world or the armed forces are famous for uprooting the whole family from a city where the family has developed friendships and social relationships that work well.

Many people move a lot, looking for a "fresh start". Quite often people move to another city to get away from their relationships that have failed.


However, if the cause of failed relationships lies with the person who is moving, then moving to a new city is not likely to provide a "fresh start".

When a spouse dies or gets very ill, a marriage or relationship ends, when children go away to college, when a spouse or partner cheats – these are all situations that drastically change a person's life and loneliness begins.

Jobs steal the life of a person. People are busy, just trying to keep up with the job or the frustration with it, and some people end up ignoring or mistreating their children.

Because a person’s self image is formed before the age of six...

...the children form self images that cause them to live a life style that contributes to society’s coldness. They also live a lifestyle that causes them and others misery. Their lifestyle often leads to their feelings of loneliness and of those who get sucked into their lives.

It is quite well known that university students suffer from loneliness...

...when they first get to college dorms. As they spend more time at college, some of them learn to adapt to their new circumstances and deal with loneliness.

Also, when the youngest child leaves for university, he or she leaves behind an 'empty nest' and causes some parents to experience extreme loneliness.

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Overcome your internal barriers.

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