Christian Support Groups - Are Those Worth Joining?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Christian support groups are numerous but there are hardly any  support groups that are comprehensive enough to provide support for many different issues. There are many churches that run christian support groups or even show you how to start such a group but most of them do not provide support to overcome the problem of loneliness.

There are a few support groups that...

...are quite useful. One such group can be found at Christianity Oasis. The website offers free online counseling.

This website recognizes that loneliness can be an issue in the lives of many people.

The website offers support group chat rooms and support group forums. They have a section for women called (in)courage.

The middle section of the home page of this website is very commercial. In the last third of the home page is listed the Christian Community Directory. The directory lists all the support that is available via the website. You have to register to use the links and avail of the support provided.

ChristianSurvivors is another christian support group for...

...survivors of different types of abuse. You can read the forums without registering with the website but you have to register to post in the forums.

This website provides very useful support. Before registering and participating in the forums it would be very useful to visit their Vision Statement, Philosophy of Care, Five Petals, Disclaimer, About Us and Forum Rules pages.

When you register with the website and go to the forums, please read the "everything you need to know..." post and understand the rules for participating successfully in the forums. This is a website where survivors of abuse get together and help each other out in a safe environment.

If you don't follow the rules of the forum you are likely to cause distress for others and yourself and miss out on a great resource.

A resource you can use...

...on a daily basis is Christian Chat. This website is not a support group but it works like one.

When you get the site on your screen there is an app that starts to fill out in the middle of the screen. Please  wait until the app is completely downloaded on to your computer screen.

You will see a little empty box at the center of your screen. Above the box you will see the words, "Please select a nickname" and right above the empty box you will see the word, "Nick:". Think of a nickname for yourself and type it into the empty box. Click on the Connect button below the empty box.

You will find yourself in a chat room full of people. Chatting with those people is a very satisfying experience and it relieves loneliness. The people are friendly and the discussion is usually about Christian issues. In my view chatting at this chat room is just like getting Christian support.

The way to find such support groups yourself... to type in the term 'christian support groups' into the Google search engine and examine the results. It is quite likely that most of the websites in the search results will not serve your purpose. However, regularly searching and examining the search results will allow you to find christian support groups that will help you.

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