A Chat Line - Useful To Solve The Problem Of Loneliness For Anyone?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

A chat line is a phone line that you can call and have a conversation with several other people who are on the same phone line. Such phone lines used to be called party lines.

Here is how it works: You call the line and listen to the conversation that is already in progress between others who are on the phone line. If you feel like commenting on something that is said, you do so and thus enter the group conversation.

The advantage of...

...joining this type of a phone line is that there is no typing involved and the conversation is very much real time. Some people, who are very aurally alert, are able to gather information about a speaker by the quality of the voice and the quality of the conversation.

They relate to everything in their lives, using their hearing and instincts, very effectively.

Despite the advantages...

...mentioned above, I think the disadvantages overwhelm the advantages. In the past, men and women have been able to connect via such phone lines but the technology is getting old and may disappear soon.

Such phone lines are...

...a business arrangement designed to take advantage of you, the consumer. The way it works is that the owner pays a wholesale price for phone lines from companies that operate 800 or 900 number phone lines. Then the owner buys advertisements on late night television that try to entice lonely people to use those phone lines.


If you call, you will be charged by the minute for the time you spend on the phone line. The owners use many kinds of enticements such as free time to women, free initial minutes and so on.

In general, it is just an expensive alternative to online chat rooms. The number of women on such phone lines is much larger than the number of men and that makes such party lines lopsided.

Free chat lines seem to be just too dangerous...

...to use. Some people are extremely effective in exploiting a person's weakness over the phone. Remember, you don't have to keep any promises you made over a chat line phone.

Instead of conversing over such phone lines you would do better to learn about chatting online by going to this page.

If you do need to speak over the phone, need to hear a human voice and if you feel you are in a crisis you can go to this website. In particular, check out the page they have about resources.

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