Chat Flirt - Should It Be Done And How Would One Do It?

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Chat flirt is the new name for what people do when they flirt online. If you search for that term in Google, you will encounter a lot of racy sites. If you are looking for a real relationship, it may be best to stay away from such sites.

Except for a few sites, flirting on most free chat sites could be dangerous. And most of the chat sites are free!

It would be a good idea to only flirt with people you like.

If you flirt with a person you don't like, you are just playing with the person's emotions. That should be a no-no. After all you would hate it if a person did that to you.

Flirting, by it's very nature, is tentative. That leaves an opportunity for a person to be dishonest and that is what we should avoid doing.

It is possible to flirt with a person whose picture you see on Facebook. Go to and search for 'How to flirt on Facebook' and you will find some articles about the best ways to do it.

If you prefer to chat flirt with people who are in your local area...

...use a chat site like As far as chatting with people who are not in your area, there are many chat sites that are not location based. The difficult part is finding a chat site that is not free.

One chat site where you have to pay to chat is based in the U.K. It is free to register at the site but you have to pay to chat. It is not a site with a large following, it seems to be a relatively new site and it provides flirting chat rooms..

So the risk of using the site is completely yours. It is still worthwhile to go to their help page at flirtxchange  and check them out. You may have to contact them to find out about the privacy of your information.


You can move from chat room to chat room. They provide Flirt Numbers and a Flirt Number Voicebox. You can chat via phone or online. There are moderators on the calls all the time.

If you are in the U.K. you can watch flirtxchange tv, which has flirt hosts and if you are their subscriber you can participate in flirtxchange tv.

They have a 24hr customer help number - 0844 554 0197 - in the U.K.

Chatting online and flirting online is about as dangerous as driving an automobile and millions of us drive automobiles. It can provide a temporary solution to a person's loneliness.

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