Can Chat Boards On The Internet Help You Overcome Loneliness?

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Chat boards are for deep discussions. They are unlikely to help you overcome your loneliness like chat rooms can. People usually go to such  sites to express their ideas and get into philosophical discussions about the matter being discussed. If getting involved in deep discussions about loneliness satisfies you then such sites are for you.

What is the difference between the two? Discussion boards differ from chat rooms because discussion boards are not live or real-time like chat rooms.

Each has its own...

...advantages. You will get involved in chat room discussions that will draw out your emotions and you will feel a sense of relief when your emotions have been drawn out by discussions with another human being or a group of humans.

Chat board discussions tend to be...

...deeper and satisfying in a different way. On such boards people get to ruminatively talk about their emotions and those talks can be deeply satisfying to the writer and the reader. If you are feeling lonely because there is no one with whom you can have a deep, heart to heart discussion, then you will find chat boards very satisfying.


Some people find conversations in chat rooms to be incredibly shallow and dissatisfying because of the shallowness. Sometimes, it helps to participate in a discussion board and then participate in a chat room to experience the light, shallow and human aspect of the chat rooms.

In a discussion board you can write at length about your feelings and emotions and you will find that participants will actually read through your post. They will do that even more when they find out that you have been reading their detailed posts. It is an exchange of close attention.

Participating in a chat room is more like entertainment. The interaction is very light.

Whether you prefer...

to participate in discussion boards or chat rooms depends on your personality. I have provided information about how to safely participate in chat on the chat page.

To find a...

...good discussion board go to, search for chat lounge and then search for loneliness or any subject that interests you. Please use this at a time you cannot be outdoors enjoying outdoor activity to relieve your loneliness.

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Unfortunately, discussion boards are becoming hard to find.

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