A Nice Chat Roulette With Another Person On The Internet. Is It Helpful?

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A little chat roulette goes a long way toward relieving a person's loneliness. There is a website that allows lonely people to have a nice chat with another human being daily. You can chat with a human being several times a day if you have the time, inclination and need.

This service is available without cost.

It is a free chat room. However you do have to know how to use the site to satisfy your needs for companionship. Otherwise you are likely to go to the site, perhaps have a bad experience and not go to it again and thus miss out on something that can help you relieve your loneliness. It really is a chat roulette!

The site is very easy to use.

 Just go to the site, decide on a username, type it in and click on chat. After a very short wait you will be chatting with another person that has logged on. The very first time I had logged on, the wait was too long and I had given up. However, when I went back a few months later, the wait was much shorter and everything worked out fine. I have been regularly using the site since then.

Safety and Security

For your safety and security, don't ever provide your real name or the city of your location. You can say that for security reasons you do not provide your name or city. Using your name and city, a person could obtain additional information about you including your physical address or your email address and perhaps use it to bother you. Remember, it is chat roulette.

Let me provide you with the background information.

 Most of the folks that you will end up chatting with are between the ages of 20 and 40. About seventy two percent of the users of this website are from India. You are likely to have an easy chat with many warm hearted and polite folks from India.

However, some of them are likely to ask you your age, sex and location (asl) right at the start of the chat. Your best bet is to be honest about your age and gender every time you chat with someone at this site. It is like having a 1 on 1 chat in a single chat room. It is a flirting chat only if you want it to be.

As soon as some chatters know your age and gender they may lose interest in you and discontinue the chat. Don't let that discourage you. You really don't want to chat with someone who is not interested in chatting with you. Just use your same username and click on chat again and thus move on.

Once a chatter has disconnected you, do your best to never chat with that user name again. I only chat a second time with those with whom I have had good chats. I keep written records to help me do that. Usually I make about six to ten attempts before I find a good chatting partner. I find it comfortable and advanatgous to use the same user name every time I chat. That is how you play chat roulette.

I find chatting sessions at this website very satisfying

It provides almost real social interaction. Offline, when I am in a room full of people, I avoid certain people, based on their facial expressions and demeanor. I make no attempt to start up a conversation with them. Even if I do start up a conversation with such people, it doesn't last long and is unsatisfying.

The same thing happens in the chat room but in reverse.

Some people, based on my age and gender, don't wish to chat with me and dump me. Wonderful! I experience the rejection (and now it doesn't bother be much) and I keep moving on until I chat with someone I enjoy chatting with and that person enjoys chatting with me. It gives me a feeling of real social interaction but at a somewhat accelerated pace. I find it wonderful practice for interacting with people in the off-line world.

If you take responsibility for your side of the chat, initiate the conversation and keeping it going, chatting at this website will give you a lot of practice at the art of conversation. If you don't type a response fast enough, chatters are likely to discontinue the chat. People are not very patient while engaged in chat roulette.

Even if you are currently very poor at the art of conversation, you can chat at this website over and over until you become a good conversationalist. Chatting at this website can be a learning experience for some people if they approach it correctly.

I feel the need for a chat once every few days. You can use the site according to your needs, every month, every week, every day or several times a day. The link to the site is http://www.anicechat.net. Return to How To Get Help page.

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