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Causes of loneliness - how many are there? When you search the internet for a list of the different causes of loneliness, you don't find much. You find articles listing less than twenty causes. Such articles, even though they provide good information, tend to summarize the different reasons people feel lonely.

Let us take a wild and totally unscientific guess at the number of people that are lonesome on this planet. Let us say that five percent of the total human population consists of lonely people. That would mean we have three hundred fifty million lonely souls on earth. Surely their causes of loneliness cannot be summarized to just under twenty causes. There have to be more reasons than that!

Here is a partial list of causes of loneliness:

1. Laziness is a common cause of loneliness. If you are into instant gratification or the quick fix, you could be causing your own loneliness. You could also be contributing to the loneliness of friends or relatives you don't feel like calling.

2. Lack of interest in religion. I believe in spirituality and not in religiosity. However, religion can put you on the path to spirituality and also put you in contact with other human beings.

3. Disagreement with society can cause loneliness. If you disagree with most of what society does, you are going to feel out of place in the social gatherings of people and stick out as a loner.

4. Agreeing too much with society can also cause people to feel lonely. If most of your actions or statements are heavily influenced by the dictates of society, you will probably get into a relationship and fake friendships and feel terribly lonely while surrounded by people.

5. Circumstances, as we all know, can cause loneliness. Night shift jobs, jobs that require a lot of travel or frequent moves can cause loneliness. Circumstances also rob you of the time needed to deal with loneliness.

6. An individual's personality can be a cause of that individual's loneliness. Most people who have a personality that turns other people off know that their personality turns others off. If they decide to do something about it then they can stop their slide into a well of loneliness.

7. The chemical makeup of a person can cause the person to be impatient or intolerant of the normal human foibles of the people they meet. This can cause them to be dissatisfied with practically every one they meet, making it almost impossible for them to find someone to befriend or find someone that can befriend them.

8. Disabilities or serious illnesses put a person in circumstances where it is very difficult to make friends.

9. Lack of personal hygiene can drive friends away. If lack of dental hygiene causes you to have bad breath many people will be justified in avoiding you.

10. Lack of a generous spirit can prevent a person from giving to friends without any thought of return. Particularly, people who are always trying to get something from a friend or get an advantage for themselves are quite likely to lose friends and find it hard to make new friends.

11. Trying to make friends and giving up after one, two or three attempts. That is a sure way to have hardly any friends.

12. Pessimists are likely to have very few friends. You have to be optimistic so that when you meet a new person, you can hold optimistic thoughts about how your efforts to be friendly are going to work out.

13. Many young people experience loneliness for the first time when they leave their homes and familiar surroundings and arrive in their dorms to begin their college years. Universities provide suggestions to overcome this kind of loneliness.

14. When people start a night shift job they experience what is called 'night shift loneliness'.

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