Are Caregiver Support Groups Helpful?

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Caregiver support groups are useful for caregivers. They get lonely in addition to feeling exhausted and drained unless they start taking care of themselves from the day they start providing care. Such a support group is the ideal place for a caregiver to feel understood.

How do you find out if you need support?

You can find out by locating the self assessment questionnaire for caregivers at You will see the link for the questionnaire when you click on Resources for Family Caregivers.

It is very difficult to...

...get caregivers to understand that they need to take care of themselves so they can continue to provide care to the recipient. Quite often the needs of the care recipient increase with time and the demands on the caregivers' attention and energy rise. If they have not accepted the idea of taking care of themselves right from the start, they are even more resistant at the later stages of the care giving. Caregivers present several different kinds of excuses when it is suggested to them that they join a support group.

In the U.S. you can find...

...caregiver support groups by going to . Select your state from the map and then select your county and you will see a list of caregiver support groups in your county. Usually the support groups listed meet in the real world, rather than meeting online. If you do not find a support group in your county, try contacting a local hospital, social worker or other local organizations.

Online Caregiver Support Groups:

An online support group that is quite active, easy to join and easy to use is

It is quite a good idea to search for caregiver support resources on the internet. You may be able to do so while you are with the care recipient.

One wonderful resource is

Caregiver Support Group LonelyPeopleChampion

That website recognizes that loneliness is a problem for caregivers and care recipients. The website also provides you with solutions to overcome the loneliness.

In general it is very good to conduct an active search online for support groups because there is a wide range of support available from organizations and government agencies. The more you search, the more you can find support that is specifically useful to you.

In conclusion,

...caregivers can avoid loneliness if they join support groups, whether online or off-line. I have provided a few resources but it is a good idea to search for resources yourself.

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