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You have to have a boyfriend or husband! No two ways about it. There are millions of women who don't have a mate and want one. There is a difference between the two but I am talking about the millions of women who don't have either.

I am not talking about those women who have one but not the other or women who want both and have neither. The word 'or' in the first sentence is a very important one.

If you are a woman who is happy without a male friend or husband, sorry, but this page doesn't have any information that could be useful to you.

So, the question is how to get a boyfriend or husband.

If you are going to go “dear hunting” you have to know your equipment, your ammunition, how to track your dear and the kind of dear you want.

Many hunters are happy to bag a twelve pointer deer but they can clearly tell you how bagging a twenty pointer would make them feel. So, in the sport of getting a boyfriend we can describe a twenty pointer dear but realize that many women bag a twelve pointer boyfriend or husband and are happy.

Twenty points of a dear boyfriend:

Let us work backward by defining the twenty points of the dear:

  1. Faithfulness because without fidelity there is no relationship worth having.
  2. Good Provider because you want to have a normal life.
  3. Fatherliness because you want him to perform his role in raising children.
  4. Dependability because you need to be able to rely on his word.
  5. Trustworthy because you want to be able to share yourself without fear of betrayal.
  6. Good Listener to fulfill your need for companionship.
  7. Good Communicator so he can communicate during the normal and the difficult times of the relationship.
  8. Sense of Humor so your life with him can be fun.
  9. Romantic so he can fulfill your need for romance.
  10. Sexually Adept so he can fill that important need.
  11. Confident so he can face the challenges of life.
  12. Kind and Compassionate so you don't have to put up with mistreatment, emotional cruelty or any kind of cruelty.
  13. Generous because a relationship with a stingy person is very difficult.
  14. Intelligent because his intelligence or lack of it will affect everything.
  15. Passionate about something so he can have a life and provide you room to have a life too.
  16. Handyman so you both don't go broke paying retail for home maintenance.
  17. Tall or short, as you prefer.
  18. Muscular or otherwise per your preference.
  19. Good dresser so his appearance is a compliment to you.
  20. Adaptable so he doesn't drive you crazy with his inflexibility.

Tracking dear boyfriend:

Now that you know the kind of “dear” you want, let us find out how you are going to track dear.

You have go where the dear is. You cannot hope to track him if his environment is not the kind of environment you are comfortable in. Every deer hunter knows to locate the deer's environment and go there at the proper time with the proper equipment.

So where are the dear? No matter which places I mention, some people will disagree with me. So be it. I am going to point out more than thirty places where the dear hang out. Not every place will be the right place for “your” dear boyfriend or husband. You can pick and choose the places you are going to try. The important thing is to try, for there are no deer that go looking for the hunter! If you do not find a single place that agrees with you, just search online for the term, “Where are single men found?” and let the search results inspire you to double this list of places.

Interestingly the best place to find boyfriends or husbands is online. The advantage of finding them online is that you can actually communicate with them before you meet them and you can control the place and time to meet. That communication can solve a lot of issues and save a lot of time. The men you find online could belong to any of the categories shown below and more. If you learn how to find your man online, you will have no need for the methods shown below.

Real men go to church and so do real women. Don't discount church as the place to be. If you focus on spiritual growth you won't even have to make an effort to find your dear. It will happen automatically. You just have to ensure you count the points on the dear.

Going to college to find a boyfriend or husband is a time honored way of doing it. You don't have to join for a degree program. You could join for programs that are much shorter and still stand a good chance of meeting some intelligent men who are interesting in improving themselves. You are likely to improve yourself in the process as well.

When you walk your dog you are likely to meet men from all different walks of life. Smile and say hello. If a man is attached you are very likely to meet his mate on another day, with or without the man. Just being positive and sociable can lead you in wonderful directions.

Electronics stores and gadget stores like Brookstone and Sharper Image have a lot of guys, single and married, browsing the aisles. That's where the single dear are and that's where you can nab one.

Hardware stores are a similar story as gadget stores. Here too, you need to be positive and sociable and let the dear help you with questions about the right kind of hardware to buy.

Places like golf courses, gyms, white water rafting centers, sky diving clubs, running clubs, hot air ballooning clubs, etc. are where men, young and old, hang out. If none of these sports activities interest you, search for the term, “sports activities” until you find some that appeal to you. Take part in those activities and chances are high that you will be in contact with a lot of dear!

Community service is a great way to be doing the same things as men. Quite often these men are very successful men who have decided to spend a weekend doing community service. Many of those men are married but many are never-married, or just divorced. It's a prime dear pool.

Many citizens of this very populous country use weddings as a prime way of finding marriageable men. I am talking about India, where countless marriages happen after a girl sees her prospective groom at a wedding. Just realize that numerous men get 'bagged' at weddings besides the grooms.

The most interesting things about singles dances are how convenient, inexpensive and fun they are. You will find most men standing around like lamp posts at these events. All you have to learn is that you have to do the approaching. What a perfect place for you to go weekend after weekend, observe and try out these men, one at a time. It's like shooting fish in a barrel! Many dear brought together in one comfortable location for you to pick and choose! You can spot and avoid those men that have little or no points, right?

If you really want to find a dancer at those singles dances, join a dance class. You are likely to see some of the same guys from the singles dances at the dance class. Now you have a two prong approach to finding a dear!

When you are not being invited to parties by your friends, it is the time to be preparing for a party. That is the time to go shopping so you can be sure to have great outfits and accessories to wear to parties. When the invitations come along you are not likely to turn them down because you have prepared and have been waiting. I am trying to say, don't turn down party invitations from friends but view parties as grounds where the dear roam. Also be prepared for the time when friends try to match you up with a man. Putting on a show of false modesty or disinterest is the wrong thing to do. When you do not put on a show of modesty or disinterest, your friends will understand right away that you are prepared to have a mate.

If the party invitations don't come along, here is what you can do. Ensure you have a subscription to your local newspaper and also keep your ears tuned for any local events. Local events could be free classes for fly fishing, classes in home maintenance by your local hardware store, a celebrity interior decorator visiting your town, charity dances, a hot air ballooning event and many other events. Since you have been shopping, you have clothes to go to these events.

If none of the above scenarios work out, you can always gather up your great outfits and go on your vacation. Most women look forward to a vacation romance and it is easy to have one because of the relaxed and fun atmosphere. Turning a vacation romance into a permanent romance shouldn't be that hard to do.

You can also select your activities based on the type of dear you wish to bag. If you wish to bag a dear who is interested in politics you can volunteer to be in an election campaign. If you like the arts you can volunteer at a theater group, opera group, dance group, visual arts gallery or a museum of your choice. You can become a fan of musical bands; but there are both kinds of men in musical bands, the wonderful and the not-so-wonderful. Discerning the difference is up to you. Usually, the men who are in musical bands part-time are the wonderful kind. If you prefer a bookworm then coffee shops, bookstores and libraries are your hunting grounds.

If you prefer an outdoorsy type, then beaches, sporting events and steeple chases are your dear tracking grounds. Don't forget all types of hunting, for example deer hunting!


Still working backward, you know the kind of dear you want, how to track dear and now we talk about the equipment.

You cannot use guns and ammunition because you want your dear alive and kicking! So you are going to need food and a net to bag your dear. Even deer hunters set out corn to attract their prey.

It is illegal for deer hunters to stun deer by shining a light in their eyes. So that method is out. You cannot go around stunning men with revealing clothes and incredible makeup to make boyfriends out of them.

As for laying out food, that is a time honored way of bagging a dear boyfriend or husband. It is highly recommended, even by men! Realize that food is the way! When you meet your potential boyfriend the first thing you want to know is the food that is his weakness. Then get him to it, whether it is at a restaurant, a party or whatever and observe him closely to get the valuable information you need.

Your net is made from allure, confidence and fidelity. Allure is achieved with cleanliness, gentle perfume, modest dress and natural make up. Confidence leads to poise and a positive attitude.

Allure and confidence are the two threads that make up your net. Once your dear is in your net, fidelity is the cinch that closes the net and your dear remains with you until the cinch of fidelity is in place. The cinch works by your boyfriend/husband holding one end and you holding the other and both pulling to close it and keep you both in the relationship.

It's a cinch!

So there you go. Spot him, find out what kind of food is his weakness, throw your net around him, bag him, invite him to hold one end of the cinch and pull!

Now you know the kind of dear you want, how to track him and how to bag him. Happy Dear Hunting!

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