Bipolar Support Groups - Are They Any Use For Anyone?

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Bipolar support groups are very useful for those who suffer from bipolar disorder. It works quite well to have the support of people who have a disorder similar to, or the same as, yours.

Online/Offline Groups

Just like depression support groups, the groups for bipolar disorder work by providing you information online for groups that meet offline.

One such online resource is Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. You can go to Depression and Bipolar Support Group Locator, type in your zip code and find a bipolar support group that meets in your area.

Psychology Today magazine offers a web page where you can search for groups for bipolar disorder. However, you have to know how to search to find the groups. Here are the steps:

Click on Psychology Today Groups Search Locator. Type in your zip code in the search box and click on the search icon or press the enter key on your keyboard. That will bring up a list of all therapy groups in your zip code.

Then click on More... under the Issues heading. Then click on the link Bipolar Disorder under the Issues heading. You will get anywhere from zero to a few groups listed. Then click on either the name of the county or the name of the state on the right of the words 'Broaden search to'. That will get you a list of groups that meet to help with bipolar disorder. Please try to stay away from the button that will broaden you search by a few miles. Sometimes that button does not work well.

Once you are in the county list, or state list, you can click on the Price, A-Z or Gender button to sort the list by price, in an alphanumeric order, or by gender of participants. When you have questions about a group, or need more information, call the phone number of the group provided with the name of the group.

An easy way to find a support group for bipolar support is to go to   Bipolar  Disorder Meetup and type the name of your country in the box under the word Country and either select the city in the next box or type in the zip code or postal code in that second box, then click the Search button.

Please be aware that currently there are only 161 groups in 128 cities in 10 countries worldwide. The largest and newest groups are listed on that same page.

Online Groups:

For groups that are online only, go to the Depression and Bipolar Support Group Locator page provided by Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and under the heading 'Online Support Groups' you will find a link for such groups.

Pyschcentral website provides a list of sixty online groups for bipolar support at Psychcentral Online Groups for Bipolar Support. A few of these groups work as forums.

Other Resources:

If you need a bipolar disorder support group that specifically meets your needs, it would be a good idea to contact a psychiatrist, psychologist or your personal physician. For a bipolar disorder, you need your own efforts and the help of professional health care providers, family, friends and support groups.

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