Beat Loneliness - Why Would You Do It?

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Beat loneliness if you want to, but it does not work. If you have beat an opponent, you still have to be prepared for the next bout. Overcome loneliness is what you need to do. Once you overcome loneliness, it is under your control and you can go on to overcome bigger and better challenges in a better life.

One way to beat loneliness overcome loneliness is to engage in lots of off-line activities.

If you ensure that eighty percent of your free time is spent in off-line activities and half of that time is spent in volunteer activities, you will overcome your loneliness without even thinking about it.

While you are engaged in those activities don't even try to overcome your loneliness - you will automatically overcome it. You will acquire friends automatically and that is the best way to acquire friends.

Try to start your 'active life' by volunteering.

Whichever organization you volunteer for, be willing to take on as many volunteering tasks you are invited to take on. Always do those tasks to the best of your abilities. After you have spent some months volunteering, your social life will fall into place in your life. Doing that is much better than 'beating' loneliness.

Your volunteer activities will have a tendency to take up all your free time. However, if you have free time left over, use that time for exercise, movies, shopping - any activity that is an off-line activity.

Give your online activities second priority after your off-line activities. You may consider excessive online activities as a major cause of your loneliness.

Here is how you could use the time you have for online activities:

Go to and chat with random people that sign on to the website. What you will need to do is go to and enter a nickname in the box and click the word Chat.

After a short wait you will find yourself chatting with another person. There is a reason I am suggesting that online activity.

In the beginning it is difficult to chat with people on that website. However, the experience is quite close to actually meeting people in a room. It also teaches you a very valuable lesson and skill.

The lesson is that in real life, off-line, people are going to reject you.

The skill is knowing how let it happen without letting it bother you one bit. That is one valuable skill to have!

You will find all the details about how to use safely and skillfully at this page.

So, spend very little time online and use that small amount of time learning how to get along with people.

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