Another Lonely Christmas? How To Stop The Pain.

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Another lonely Christmas is an invitation for you to take some action and avoid a repeat in the coming year.


Loneliness around Christmas usually happens to people who are lonely on other occasions through the year. It is worthwhile to examine the reasons why it happens.

I am saying so because you could manage to get through a lonely Christmas, heave a sigh of relief and feel O.K. for six weeks. Then you will be faced with the prospect of having a lonely Valentines Day. Another few weeks after that is a lonely St. Patrick's Day, and a lonely Easter and so on through the year until it is another lonely Christmas.

A lonely Christmas does not happen every year for every lonely person, but it does happen with quite some frequency for some people.


If it is happening frequently for you, it is time for introspection. If things are wrong in your life because family, relatives and friends do certain things you don't like, it might be useful to ignore their actions.

Just examine your role in the situation and change your actions for the better. Hopefully everything else will improve on its own, in response to the changes you have implemented.

If circumstances caused you to be lonely this Christmas, you have time to change your circumstances before the next Christmas rolls around.

Talk to a mentor

It is not easy to revisit a painful incident of a lonely Christmas. If you are going to avoid a repeat of the incident, you need to examine the reasons that caused it.

Even if the reasons were logical and justified, you can make plans to avoid the situation from recurring next year. If you wish to discuss matters with another person via email, you can go to this mentoring page and fill out a form to get in touch with a mentor. All the mentoring happens via email and you can continue to be mentored for a long time.

Take Action To Prevent Another Lonely Christmas

Since most people associate Christmas with family togetherness and happy times I can see why you would feel lonely at Christmas in the absence of family and friends. Christmas is actually a time for the celebration of the birth of Christ.

If you are lonely or alone at Christmas you could, if you wanted to, focus on the real purpose of the event. You can start by reading the Christmas story in (Luke 2:1-20). Then you can research the birth date of Jesus and find the date on which it really falls in the modern calendar. Research on this subject can keep you busy and happily occupied and in a good mood from Thanksgiving until December 31st.

Give gifts

Many women use relationship-substitutes, such as knitting gifts for those who would appreciate unique Christmas gifts, baking goodies for church. It is a good technique where they put their goodness and love into objects and send the objects away into the Universe. Men find things to fix as a way to give away their love. They give love away to the Universe and the Universe reflects love back to them. Love has a tendency to go to the source of love.

If all your efforts fail...

If you find that your efforts to make friends are ending in failure, become your own best friend. I didn't have a clear idea how to become my own best friend. Then I read this article in wikihow. The article reads as if it is for very young people.

However, if you read the article all the way through, there are some excellent ideas about how you can become your own friend. A good way to go is to become your own good friend and also make efforts to acquire new friends. After you have become your own best friend, if no one wishes to befriend you, perform some charity work and let the sick and the needy get the benefit of your wonderful self.


Introspection, Talking to a mentor, Taking Action, Giving gifts, Becoming your own best friend can be a way of avoiding another lonely Christmas and stopping the pain.

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