Admit You Are Lonely!

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

How do you admit to the world that... are lonely and sad? You have to go at it in stages. The three stages of the process are: Before the Admission, During the Admission and After the Admission.

Before the Admission:

 Before you can tell the world that you are lonely, you have to acknowledge to yourself that you are a lonely person. That is where most of the work takes place.

Once you say to yourself, “Yes, I am a lonely person” then it is much easier to say, also to yourself, “I am willing to to fix the problem!”

At this point it is quite O.K. to shut this web page down, shut your computer down, find a quiet place and allow yourself whatever amount of time you need to explore your inner self so you can answer the questions: Am I lonely? Am I tired of being lonely? Do I want to overcome my loneliness? Am I sad? Am I willing to acknowledge my loneliness?

If the answers to these questions and other questions that come up are affirmative, and lead you to publicly acknowledge your loneliness, come back and follow through on the next stage.

During the Admission:

 During this stage, even though you are going to admit publicly that you are lonely, the admission itself has more to do with you than with the world. Even if the world completely ignores your admission you will feel better and derive benefits from having publicly admitted your loneliness.

It is recommended that you don’t use your real name. In the body of your message do provide a way for a person to contact you. Make sure the contact method you provide does not indicate your real name.


Do try to provide your photograph, even though you don’t have to. However, if you don’t provide your photograph, you may not get as much benefit from your entry. If you respond to a person that does not provide a photo, you might be at risk.

The general idea is to join a worldwide list of lonely persons and be open to another lonely person contacting you. If someone contacts you and things work out between you, there will be two less lonely people and two more happy people. Make your admission at the Lonely People Champion Facebook Gathering Place.

After the Admission:

 After you see your entry appear on the Facebook page, get busy with other activities that will get you out of your loneliness. It is a good idea to join a worldwide list of lonely people but don’t expect incredible results from it.

Remember, when good things happen, a lot of time is not what is needed. Good things happen as fast as bad things. About once every two weeks check your entry to see if any one has left a comment.

Once you are past the admission process, your mind should feel freer to move on to the action phase, where you find out what actions to take and then actually take those steps to overcome your loneliness by making friends.

Bonus Solution:

Look in your mind and overcome your internal barriers.

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