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A chat room is a page on a website where you can exchange text messages with a number of people. The text messages are exchanged interactively and so it feels like a conversation. To chat, type a message into the available text box and wait for
a response. When you get a response, type your response and you will be chatting.

It can be a wonderful aide for a lonely person. It would be much better to have friends in the off-line world but until that happens participating in online chat rooms can help.

A chat room allows you to...

...express the thoughts that come up in your mind and avoid having a life where you cannot share your thoughts with any one. Once you express your thoughts to another human being, you can go on to happily expressing your thoughts and enjoying life.

The reason chat rooms are useful is that you can find chat rooms about the subject of your interest.

If you search...

...in Google for "chat rooms for 'subject of interest' " you will find the chat room you need. I searched for chat rooms for auto restorers, emotional support, interior design, Indian cooking and other interests. There were chat rooms available for almost all of my interests.

You can even search for and find chat rooms for lonely people. Overcoming loneliness involves lots of action by the lonely person. Finding and using online chat rooms about the subject of interest is an action the person can engage in.

If you want...

...just one-on-one chat, you can go to anicechat.net.  At that website, you can only chat with one person at a time. Finish your chat with that one person and you can wait until you get another chat partner.

If you do not find one...

...on your subject, you can create a free chat room at chatzy.com in about fifteen seconds. Just type in your alias (fake name), the subject you want your chat room to be about, the email address of the person you want to invite, create a short message to that person and click on the "Create my chat room" button.


Once you have created a chat room finding more people to chat with you is your responsibility. When you create a chat room at chatzy, you will get a link.  Send the link via email to people who are willing to chat with you and you can wait for them to contact you in your chat room. The advantage of doing it this way is that you can have a chatroom to which you invite only people you know or have known in the past.

Since you will be anonymous...

...in some chat rooms, you may be tempted to express strong emotions or express ideas you wouldn't express without the cloak of anonymity. Resist the temptation to do so.

Use the chat rooms to simply to have a nice chat with nice people. If you start expressing your base urges in chat rooms, it will lead you to a part of the chat world which is not enjoyable.

When you see other chatters doing wrong things, ignore it or find another chat site where bad behavior is squashed by moderators. In particular, don't jump in when two chatters are having a heated, or angry discussion.

Even though you will be anonymous, pretend that you are not. In some ways, the anonymity you have in chat rooms is a thin cloak. The thin anonymity you have, will not protect you from your wrongdoing. Use whatever anonymity you have to discuss real problems you are facing.

In conclusion,...

...a chat room is a web page that will allow you to have a stand-in for a real off-line friendship. You can find and join chat rooms about specific interests. You can have a general one-on-one chat. You can create your own chat rooms. The
anonymity you have in chat rooms doesn't protect you from wrong doing.

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