Lonely Night - How To  Use A Lonesome, Sleepless Night.

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A lonely night has caught the imagination of many a writer. Unfortunately, it is the night's loneliness that catches their fancy. They want to see what fearful things they can use to populate the night.

Hardly any authors have written about the agony...

...of the person who is suffering from loneliness during the night.

For those of us who deny our feelings and emotions during the day, loneliness hits us hard if we find it difficult to fall asleep. Somehow the feelings and emotions seem to have a clearer path to our core during the quiet of the night.

Such a night is also when a person remembers old loves or even recent loves. That is when the desire to have the person back comes at us intensely.

A lonely night becomes much more intolerable...

...if you attempt to get some sleep. The thing to do is to get out of bed and do your best to stay awake. After two to three hours of such effort you are very likely to feel sleepy enough to fall asleep.


You can use those two to three hours during sleepless nights to make plans to overcome loneliness.

You may have heard that success comes to those who are the right place at the right time. You are at the right place and the right time during the daylight hours because overcoming loneliness involves lots of social actions. You can rarely take those social actions late at night.

The best thing to do, in the absence of social activity at night, is to make plans for such actions during the day so you have no more lonely nights.

If you are sleepless and full of energy at night...

...you could watch videos that teach social dancing or some other social skill you need to learn.

Those night hours are ideal for writing your journal or letters to yourself so you can do the inner mind work you need to do to overcome your loneliness.

Such a night is very different from a lonely day.

One can fill a lonely day with intense activity or intense social activity to overcome loneliness. It is very hard to do the same during the night. However, you can put such nights to excellent use for the purpose of overcoming your loneliness.

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