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Loneliness Reporter Lonely People Champion
March 05, 2013

Welcome to Loneliness Reporter. Not only is this issue somewhat 'late' but there were only two pages added to since the last issue.

What can I say, other than promise to add more web pages soon?

One of the pages added was: . There is quite a lot of curiosity about the causes of loneliness. This page makes a start toward listing the different kinds of loneliness.

However, the second page that was created is very practical and highlights a quick & easy way out of loneliness. That page is

Most of the improvements to the website were of a technical nature. One improvement was the addition of a new header. I hope you like the new header.

More importantly, I hope you like the webpage about a Quick Way To Overcome Loneliness and it helps you quickly overcome your loneliness.

Ramesh Lonely People Champion

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