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January 28, 2013

Welcome to the Loneliness Reporter.

I had mentioned in my first issue that this is a good time to subscribe to the Loneliness Reporter because this website is going to be growing a lot over the next twelve months.

I have kept my promise over January 2013. Now all I have to do is keep my promise over the next eleven months. I hope to create a lot of improvements that will help lonely people!

The first improvement in January was - I started my blog! You can see it at:

The nice thing about the blog is that you can quickly see some of the new pages I create and add to the website.

The second improvement was that I started's RSS Feed. Just go to the home page of and click on the question mark near the orange RSS button to get an explanation of how it works.

The third improvement was that I created sixteen new pages. That is the exciting news I have for you in this issue. Sixteen pages is a lot to read (and possbly act upon) and it might keep you busy until you receive the next issue. I told myself I would create a new page a day and I kept it up from January 2nd to January 17th, slipping only on the 6th of January.

If you would care to comment about any of these web pages, you can find out how to contact me by going to this web page -

Most of those sixteen pages are on my Facebook page

Here is a complete list of the new web pages:

Until next time, keep yourself entertained and happy!

Ramesh Lonely People Champion

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