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Loneliness Reporter Lonely People Champion, Issue #001
December 24, 2012

Welcome to Lonely Reporter by Lonely People Champion. It is a good time to subscribe to the Lonely Reporter because this website is going to be growing quite a bit over the next twelve months.

We are starting off early, in December 2012, sort of like a running start. One purpose is to provide you something interesting to read just before the holidays. The other purpose is to provide a few resources you could use over the holidays. As we all know, the holidays can be hard on lonely people.

The frequency of this newsletter is going to be unpredictable. In the same manner that a friend emails you irregularly, this newsletter will also come to you at irregular intervals.

The whole website,, has already gone through a complete design change. The color scheme of the website has been changed to a light purple and it has been changed to become a three column website.

The home page has been changed to provide two different paths to follow through the website: Techniques and Tools.

The newest pages that have been created are





Here are a few resources:

1. Go to and click on People Champion, Lonely for Lonely People Champion. That will get you to more than 70 poems. While you are at you can also search for poems on subjects that interest you and have a ball reading them.

2. This site could keep you entertained all through the holidays: Just go to the site and type in a temporary nickname and click on Chat. After a short wait you will find yourself chatting with a random chatter. For security reasons, do not provide your real name or the city you live in, even when you are asked for that information. You may have to discontinue your chat with many chatters who come to for the wrong reasons, but if you keep trying you can have some good chats and keep yourself in company for most of the holidays. To find out how to really use the right way, go to our new page

I only provide information that can be helpful. As always, you take full responsibility for your actions and the resulting events when you visit websites about which I provide information.

Until next time, keep yourself entertained and happy!

Ramesh Lonely People Champion

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