Do You Want God As A Friend?

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A person can try to find God as a friend using all the methods currently available and possibly fail to meet God. That is because lonely women and lonely men have to find their own personal methods. My method was to go to churches to try and meet God. When that failed, I closed my eyes and asked, “God, are you there?” I got an affirmative reply! That made all the religions on this planet useless to me.

Once, I got a response...

...from God, I had a friend. A friend of whom I could ask questions. One question I asked God was, “I have heard that for every person there is a mate. How can I meet my mate?”


I received the answer in the form of an article I read. The article suggested I write my requirements of a mate on a card and carry the card in my wallet. I did that and I met my mate! No dating services, no online dating, no personal ads, no meeting people online. Simple. No need to question it. Just accept God as your friend.

I asked God if there was a guarantee that I was going to meet a mate. The answer was that there was no guarantee. What was I supposed to do if I did not meet my mate? Answer – live my life with passion.

So, when you accept...

...God as a friend, you can have an internal conversation with God and that internal conversation with God will guide you on your way out of loneliness.

My internal conversation with God went something like this: God, where do you live? Answer: Inside each living being. My, you are spread out, aren't you? Answer: You don’t know enough about that.

Once God is your friend... are not going to feel lonely when you are alone. You are actually going to want solitude because it is in solitude that you can have a conversation with God. Solitude is going to become a time of rejuvenation for you.

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