Call me and chat with a person if you are lonely, bored or sad.

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Call me! A simple solution for loneliness. Some people avoid loneliness simply by saying those two words to a person they know.

It is not so simple for the chronically lonely person to deal with loneliness.  Such a person usually has no one to say those two words to. Until today. Since you don’t know many people, the only other obvious choice is to pay.

You can turn your nose up at that and refuse to pay. As before, no one will care. After you pay and speak with a person, no one will care.

Once you look that fact full in the face and understand that reality, you will be on your way to a practical path out of loneliness. Paying for a call is one of the best uses for your money. The relief you will feel from having human company is much better than the relief you will feel from other stimulants.

How to Find a Calling Service

The way to pay for such a service is to first find the service by searching in a search engine like for the term "lonely people calling service." Once you have found such a service contact them and ask if they provide a free initial call. That way you can find  out if it is a service worth paying for.

People who are not lonely...

...spend some money eating out and tipping or buying gifts for friends or relatives. Lonely people don’t necessarily do enough of that. So it is worthwhile for you to spend money on having someone call you to provide you with temporary relief from your loneliness until you can figure out how to get out of your loneliness. The calls can also get you started on a way out of loneliness.

When a person calls you, it will be for the purpose of having a friendly conversation with you. The call to you will not be for the purpose of providing you with counseling of any kind, medical or otherwise. You assume the full responsibility of acting on any suggestions the caller may make to you.

Can being in denial lead to loneliness?

Yes. You are experiencing a problem but are in denial about the fact that you have a problem.

Can poor money management lead to loneliness? Yes, spending money on all the wrong things can leave you broke and without company.

Can pride lead to loneliness? Yes, certainly. If you are too proud to acknowledge the reality of your loneliness, you are not likely to take the steps necessary to solve the problem. You are also not likely to utter the words, 'Call me'.

Can stubbornness lead to loneliness? Yes, true. If you are too stubborn to acknowledge your reality, even after you have overcome your pride, you are likely to continue in loneliness for a long time.

There are hundreds of reasons a person can be lonely. What is common to almost all the solutions to loneliness is that the lonely person needs to take action.

Bonus Solution:

Become action oriented.

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