Order a call for relief from your loneliness.

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Order a call if you are lonely and sad. Sometimes what is needed is a respite from what you are feeling and going through.

Hearing a human voice and sharing what is on your mind can bring relief to your thoughts and to your nerves. It is like treating yourself to a good dinner at a favorite restaurant. Also, if you don't spend money here you are likely to spend the same money on food, alcohol or some other compensatory activity.

Just search in your favorite search engine for the term, "Call For Lonely People" and order yourself one.

You can enjoy it in stages. The three stages are: Before, During and After the conversation.


Realize that it is going to be something new in your life. You have probably never before done something like this before. That, in itself, relieves the boredom that comes with loneliness. Once you say to yourself, “Yes, I am finally going to deal with my loneliness” then it is much easier to get ready to enjoy the process. After you place this order it is quite O.K. find a quiet place and start anticipating the good things that are going to follow.

During the Call:

When you are speaking to someone it is O.K. to tell the person that you have been anticipating this activity. Realize that you are going to be speaking to the person for a limited amount of time. If possible, split your time between listening to the person and talking. When you do this the first time do whatever gives you the most satisfaction. Talking can provide as much relief to a lonely person and as listening. If it works for you, do admit to the person that you are lonely. You may feel a release when you do that. It would be better for you if you tell the person your real first name. Enjoy every minute. The general idea is to be emotionally open to another person speaking with you. Remember, it is only a short pleasure, to be repeated or not, according to your desires.


When it is over, write down a summary of the conversation as best as you remember it. You can use the written summary later to re-live your experience a few times. You will gain some insights into yourself by re-reading your summary and re-living your experience. If you should do it again and end up speaking to the same person, please don't expect that person to remember the details of your previous conversation. After all, that person may be engaged in many other activities and cannot be expected to remember conversations in detail even if the conversations are very important to you. Remember, when good things happen, a lot of time is not what is needed. What is important is the quality of the experience during that short time.

Bonus Solution:

Instead of waiting for a person to instinctively understand or respect you, get into your adult mind and take actions to reach out to people.

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