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  • Are you lonely?
  • Are you socially isolated?
  • Are you a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend?
  • A man who just got divorced?
  • An old man who just retired?
  • A person working the night shift?

I am not lonely any more. Do you also need to know the techniques for overcoming loneliness? This website is chock full of practical techniques, tools and solutions needed to banish involuntary solitude from your life.


Use these techniques and tools to teach yourself how to overcome loneliness and achieve social success. If applied, the information on these pages could soon have you leaving your social isolation behind.

Read and understand the terms of use, legal disclaimer and privacy policy of this website. Take responsibility for the actions you choose. Take those actions and practice taking those actions until you achieve the necessary results.

Learn to like yourself first.

Learn to make friends next. Later on you can learn how to let a relationship find you. Learn all the techniques to become a sociable person who has friends and relationships.

For the techniques and tools to work for you, you need to use them and take lots of sociable actions.

Three of the toughest problems facing people are listed below:

Lonely People Questions

i) They are so negatively affected by their social isolation that they look at the solutions and do not realize that they are looking at the methods or action plans that will solve the problem for them.

ii) They examine the actions that will solve the problem, actions that are sometimes as simple as clicking on a web link, but they don’t take the actions. That kind of behavior is based on fear – fear of getting hurt, of making their situation worse, fear of doing anything.

iii) They may be trying to solve the problem the old fashioned way, without using the internet. Well, if you read on, you will find methods to solve the problem by using the internet but on one of the pages I also provide a phone number you can call to help you overcome your loneliness.

Now, I am not a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychoanalyst. However, I am very interested in ways of dealing with loneliness and I believe that when one person decides to go after a problem and looks into finding a lot of solutions to it, that one person can do a lot more than the academics.

Unfortunately, we live our lives according to a script we learned before the age of six.

Most psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and psychologists know that we live our lives according to a script we learned before the age of six. This is based on the theories of Dr. Eric Berne.

Solutions are worth their weight in gold.

Most of a person’s roadblocks in life present themselves as problems that appear to be unsolvable by the person. All the research being done on social isolation is not of much immediate use to a person trying to deal with the problem.

Permanent Loneliness

If you believe that your solitary condition is permanent, you can learn the strategies to make peace with your situation and live a happy but possibly shorter life.

Bonus solution:

Join and participate in a church or a worship organization of your choice. Doing so will open a wonderful portal for social interaction.


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